Denture tooth repair or denture glue on teeth? No problem! We know how to fix a broken denture tooth without dental tooth glue.

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"I am writing to let you know how pleased I am with the teeth repair you have done for my partial denture. I am very happy. My mouth feels very comfortable and I am glad that you took so much care to ensure that the color of the teeth match my own teeth.Thank you!"
Susan, Illinois

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Repair Denture Teeth
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Denture Tooth/Teeth Repair

(Upper Or Lower)
 Reg Price
Savings  $30.00
You Pay

Rebuild Denture Gum

(Upper Or Lower)
 Reg Price
Savings  $60.00
You Pay

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We use lifelike, durable composite teeth, designed for the optimum in functionality and aesthetics. We will match shade and shape of the missing teeth.

In order to repair broken or missing teeth on the flexible partials, contact our Customer Service for details.

We offer FREE SHIPPING both ways!

Once you select “Customize”, you will have the ability to customize your broken denture repair order or add additional services, like:

• Tooth Repair Glue Removal
• Number of Broken/Missing Teeth
• Reinforcement of the Broken Denture Teeth with Metal Wire
• Repair Warranty

Dentures are mailed back same day we get your broken denture!

Most of our customers order a duplicate denture, while their denture is being repaired. Put your worries behind you and order COMFORTABLE DUPLICATE of your original denture today! You can wear it in case your original denture brakes. A lot of people even prefer our duplicate denture over the original. No visit to the dentist required.

*FREE OVERNIGHT SHIPPING for a limited time! We will ship your repaired denture back to you same day we receive your broken denture.(US only, customers from other countries must call for shipping quote)



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