High quality copy dentures or duplicate denture is an emergency spare denture.

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"My dentist told me that to repair my flipper it would cost $250. But you guys did it for $75 plus the emergency duplicate that I got from you for $199 looks even better than my original! LOL :) Thank you so much for all your help, I’m so grateful!
Linda, California

Duplicate Dentures

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Duplicate Denture

Duplicate Full Denture

(Each Denture)
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Savings  $51.00
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Duplicate Partial Denture

(Each Partial)
 Reg Price
Savings  $51.00
You Pay

Duplicate Denture Before & After Gallery

Put your worries behind you and order COMFORTABLE DUPLICATE of your original denture today! You can wear it in case your original denture breaks. A duplicate denture will bridge the gap of being without a regular denture while it is being repaired, renovated or replaced. This type of denture is referred to an "emergency denture" because it helps to avoid the embarrassment of being without of teeth and be able to eat. A lot of people even prefer our duplicate denture over the original. No visit to the dentist required.

Duplicate denture is the exact copy of your original denture - same size and same shape. You have the option to change the shade of teeth. Duplicate denture is made of high quality and strength acrylic.

We offer FREE SHIPPING both ways!

Once you select “Customize”, you will have the ability to customize your broken denture repair order or add additional services, like:

• Duplicate Denture Warranty
• 1 Shade Whiter Teeth

NOTE: partial dentures containing metal clasps* can not be duplicated.

Original denture will be mailed back same day. Duplicate denture will be mailed within three business days.

*Clasp - a metal or flexible arm that extends from removable partial denture. It helps to hold on to a partial tooth structure and thus provide anchorage for the denture.



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